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Tyler's movie reviews

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My First Post

For my first post to the blog I would like to bring you some of the most recent Disney and Stargate News, Rumors, and my commentary. To start off I would like to say that I will likely switch around which company is reported on first in each post, or after this first post I may set up a 2 post/week system with one being Disney, and one being Stargate.

How about we star of with some good old Stargate news eh? As I'm sure most of you know by now, not only was Stargate Universe (SGU) cancelled last December by the Syfy channel, but last month at the Vancouver Stargate convention Brad Wright announced to the fans that all projects would be shelve indefinitely. This means no SG-1 movie (named Stargate: Revolution) that was originally going to have been filmed back in 2010, No Stargate Atlantis movie (with the working title Stargate: Extinction) that Syfy was going to help find in order to give the Stargate Atlantis fans closure to the shows finale, and no real answers to Stargate Univere's finale. What's worse is that MGM had it written in their new takeover deal that James Bond and Stargate were the 2 most important franchises they owned. So what happened to that.

Darren Sumner from Gateworld.net recently wrote an impressive article about how the mere presence of WWE Smackdown on Syfy is hurting the Science Fiction Genre. Look here for a great read.

Let's also take a look at this letter that Syfy's Craig Engler wrote to Stargate fans on gateworld.net
An Open Letter to Stargate Fans from Syfy

Many of the Stargate fans are reading right through Craig and syfy's web of lies in the letter. And it is quite clear that the letter would never have been written in the first place if they weren't so worried about their future now, as many Stargate fans will no longer be watching ANYTHING on the Syfy channel.

Also, recently, Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog that the ending we saw for Stargate universe season 2 wasn't the original version that the writers were toying with. not only that, but he also shows us some of the possible ways either a 3rd season or a movie would have opened. If it were a movie they would have had Col. Carter (Amanda Tapping), Dr. McKay (David Hewlett), Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), and many other guest stars from the previous shows come mount a resue op to bring all the Destiny's crew home to Earth.

Most recently, Joe Mallozzi revealed on his blog that in the 3rd SG-1 movie with the potential title of Stargate: Revolution, the Stargate program would have been made public, and it would have mostly featured Richard Dean Anderson as Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill, and would have been mostly off world and in ships, and not so much in the SGC (Stargate Command).

A recent Stargate rumor is that Paramount pictures is looking in to buying the rights to the Stargate Franchise from MGM. I have yet to find any official articles on this, but will keep you posted if anything come of this rumor.

Now for the Disney news.

On the Disney Parks Blog they have recently announced a live webcast for the DHS opening of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, let;s hope they also do this when it open at the Disneyland Resort. Later in the same day they released a new Disney California Adventure park expansion update video. And be sure to watch the season finales of AFV and Extreme Makeover tonight to see some Disney Parks and Cruise Line features!

On May 25th Tangaroa Terrace – Casual Island Dining and Trader Sam’s – Enchanted Tiki Bar will open with a new menus. I for one can't wait until I'm 21 and able to go to the Tiki Bar.

The new Mickey's Soundsational Parade will debut at Disneyland on May 27th. the 2 floats that I have seen have a lot of little gems for musicians. the Princess and the Frog float is made of a tambourine paddle wheel, flute (or possibly clarinet) smoke stacks Treble and Bass clef railings, trombones on the sides, and those are the most obvious parts too!!!! Whats more, this year, Disneyland is moving away from the the Summer Nighttastic they have had for a few years now, and instead are going with the title Soundsational Summer

On June 3rd Disneyland Resort Guests will be able to start experiencing Star Tours The Adventures Continue in Tomorrowland, and The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventures in the Paradise Pier section of California Adventure.

On July 1st (unless there are more delays), Guests to Disney California Adventure will be able to take a flying lesson at Goofy's Sky School (formerly Mulholland Madness). They will also be able to get new eats at Paradise Garden Grill (formerly Burger Invasion) and Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta (formerly Pizza Oom Mow Mow).

In Studio news, Last weekend was the world premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at the Disneyland Resort. Kermit the Frog was at the event and did some interviews, and here is what the Muppet Studios has published.

The soundtrack to Pirates 4 will be available on Tuesday May 17th in stores and for digital download. go to pirates4soundtrack.com to preview the tracks. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides comes out May 20th in the US, I plan to go to the Midnight showing of this dressed as Captain Jack, and will post the picture from the line next week.

And, for my last bit of news, the new Disney Store at Bellevue Square (Bellevue, Wa) opened last Wednesday to guests. I have plenty of pictures for you of the store, and more will come after my next trip to the store.

Well, That'll do it for this post as it is now 5:53 am, and I truly need to go to sleep, 3 hours ago lol.

If you have any official Disney or Stargate News please email it to wraithkelso@hotmail.com and put either "Stargate News" or "Disney News" in the subject line. For rumors to report, please put "Stargate Rumor" or "Disney Rumor" in the subject line. I will make sure to mention anyone that reports news in the blog updates.

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