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Tyler's movie reviews

Saturday, July 9, 2011

How MGM could use Stargate to make more $$$

Ever since Brad Wright announced that the end of Stargate was here (for now), I have been thinking about how to enjoy some of my favorite Stargate episodes in different ways. And I think I came up with a way that MGM could make (essentially) free money off of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe episodes, while only paying for some new editing of the old footage: Turn the multi-episode arcs into movies.

The idea came to me while watching the mid-season two part episode from Stargate Atlantis season 5, because it doesn't make sense to have the DVD version have the opening title sequence twice for one story. They already did this with Children of the Gods and I think they could do it for other episodes from the series.

They can release them as a couple a year, maybe every other month they release a new Stargate Movie for us to buy. Since they have already done Children of the Gods, I think the next set of episodes they should turn in to a movie are There But For The Grace Of God-Politics-Within The Serpent's Grasp-The Serpent's Lair. This is not only the first time SG-1 had to save Earth, but alo the next multi episode direct story arch, and with Politics you can take out all the flashbacks and leave the actual story (cuts out at least 20 minutes making it about 2.5 hours. The DVD case could look similar to this:

After that movie comes out, the next should be Stargate: The Tok'ra (parts 1 and 2 turned in to one movie)

To keep with the continuity the next movie should be Out of Mind-Into The Fire. I am unsure what the title should be, but I'm sure Brad Wright can come up with a good title for these movies based on episodes with different names.

Next up would be Jolinar's Memories-the Devil You Know

The Next would be Nemesis-Small Victories

Logically the next Movie would combine Exodus-Enemies-Threshold

The next movie should be the combination of Summit-Last Stand.

After this they should release Stargate: Redemption (parts 1 and 2 without the gap in the middle)

The next movie would be combining the 2 part episode Prometheus-Unnatural Selection

Next up would be another 3 episode arc turned in to a movie: Full Circle-Fallen-Homecoming

The next movie is another one that the name is already given to us by the name of the episodes Stargate: Evolution (parts 1 and 2 combined)

Hey, lucky MGM, they don't have to rename another one, thats 2 in a row. The next one is Stargate: Heroes (parts 1 and 2 combined.

Wow, whats this 3 in a row they don't have to rename? That's right next up would be Stargate: Lost City (combining Inauguration w/out flashbacks w/ Lost City pars 1 and 2)

Wait, are you really telling me that most of the movies at this point won't need to be retitled? Indeed.

Next up at bat is Stargate: New Order (parts 1 and 2)

Next up is a 3 part episode turned into a movie Stargate: Reckoning (combining Reckoning parts 1 and 2 with Threads) which would be approx. 147 minutes.

Next at bat is Stargate: Moebius (combining parts 1 and 2)

Next up should be called Stargate: Origin (combining Avalon parts 1 and 2 with Origin)

Next up is Stargate: the Fourth Horseman (parts 1 and 2)

The next movie up after this would be another 3 part episode turned movie Crusade-Camelot-Flesh and Blood

And now, the last SG1 cast movie would be Stargate: The Quest (parts 1 and 2)

Now for the Stargate Atlantis movies that combine episodes.

They already have Rising released as its own movie, but it could stand some re-editing.

The first one they would then have to do is combining The Storm-The Eye

Next would be Stargate: The Siege (combining parts 1, 2, and 3)

After that they would release the movie combining The Lost Boys-The Hive

The next movie would be Allies-No Man's Land-Misbegotten

This would be followed by Stargate: The Return (parts 1 and 2)

Following this would be a combination of 3 episodes First Strike-Adrift-Lifeline

Next up is the 2 part episode turned movie This Mortal Coil-Be All My Sins Remember'd

Next up is a 4 episode arc turned movie The Kindred Parts 1 & 2-The Last Man-Search and Rescue

The last Atlantis based movie (until a new one is made of course) would be combining First Contact-The Lost Tribe

Now on to Stargate Universe episode arcs turned in to movies

The first of which would be Stargate: Air (parts 1, 2, and 3)

Next up would be the 2 episode arc Darkness-Light

The next Universe movie would be a 4 episode arc Subversion-Incursion parts 1 and 2-Intervention

And the last Universe movie (until a post series movie is made) would be combining Resurgance-Deliverance

My hope is that if MGM were to do this, they would use the money they make off of this to help fund the movies we were promised three years ago -- Stargate: Extinction (post Atlantis) and Stargate: Revolution (3rd SG-1 post series movie), as well as a post SGU movie; also,  a movie using the best cast members from all three shows!

Please feel free to leave your comments below about if you think this would be worth it or not!!!

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  1. I love the idea!! In fact, my SG buddy and I often moronathon the episodes in just such a fashion. Now, if they edited in unseen footage that made it no further than the cutting-room floor, I could see a market. But for the SGers who have already purchased the entire 3 series and all movies, I can't say that I would spend my hard-to-come-by $$ on something I already own.

    I miss Stargate terribly, and find it tragic that Universe was canceled just when it had found itself... But I intend to speak to the suits in the lingo they understand, and boycott all MGM/Spyglass releases as long as they have the SG franchise blackballed.