Tyler's movie reviews

Tyler's movie reviews

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Trust Me

Trust me is an independent film that I saw on Saturday May 17th at Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). The movie was written and directed by the lead actor Clark Gregg (most known for his role of Agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel movies). The film centers on a former child star turned talent agent and is quite enjoyable. But definitely not one to show your children.

The Positives:
  • The movie felt fresh and wasn't afraid to make you think negatively about hollywood executives.
  • Sam Rockwell and Clark Gregg star opposite each other as rival talent agents and every time you see them on screen together is wonderful.
  • Clark got most of the good one liners but he did share them with the rest of the cast too.
  • This was a very dark movie and I encourage all adults to watch it, but don't show your kids.
The Negatives:
  • There are 2 scenes with CG and the first time we see it, it makes sense and works well, but the second time it feels out of place and cheesy.
  • The language felt excessive, it is one thing to swear a lot, but there were times where it felt out of place.

Overall rating - 7 out of 10

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